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Fileutils Progress Bar Patch

The Fileutils Progressbar Patch is an extension to the GNU File Utilities which are the basic file-manipulation utilities of the GNU operating system. It provides a progressbar for the following tools supplied with the GNU File Utilities:
  • cp - Copies files.
  • mv - Moves files.
  • rm - Removes files.


There are patches for different versions of the fileutils package in the archive:
  • fileutils-4.1
  • fileutils-4.1.8 ( not ready yet )
Older versions can be found here. The latest released version is:


First get the source code of a version of the GNU fileutils which can be found in the subdirectory /gnu/fileutils on one of the GNU mirrors. It has to correspond with one of the patch versions.Unpack the compressed fileutils archive and apply the patch as follows:

cd fileutils-VERSION/
patch -p0 < /PATH/TO/fileutils-VERSION-progressbar-VERSION.patch

Before you start to configure the package please find out where your distribution has placed the fileutils executables and pass the path to the --bindir option of configure. In most cases the directory is /bin, but who knows. Otherwise it might happen that you end up with two versions of the fileutils. Now you are ready to configure and compile the source.

./configure --prefix=/usr --bindir=/bin
make install


For testing, cp should be the most suitable one.First invoke cp with the --help Option. There should appear a new Option -B (--progressbar) near the end of the help menu. Now try to copy some files but take larger ones - a few kilobytes aren't worth it ;) If you like it, an entry in your ~/.bashrc simplifies matters :

alias cp='cp -B'
alias mv='mv -B'
alias rm='rm -B'


Please send bug reports or comments to

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